MnM Ventures services the Unattended Retail Industry

Services for the Unattended Retail Industry

We know the Nuts & Bolts of the Unattended Retail Industry. We have hands-on experience in providing a full range of services to Automated Vending System Owners. 

MnM Ventures provides local management and operational support to unattended retail kiosk businesses,  including permit due diligence, installation & setup, technical support (malfunction troubleshoot & fix), field upgrades & retrofits, supply chain management, customer relationship management, consumer feedback, prospecting/new location evaluation, and more.

Equipment maintenance services include: clean & sanitize internal and customer touch areas, product replenishment, multi-point inspection, onsite inventory management, heartbeat monitoring, and response to remote alerts. 

MnM Ventures LLC services the Unattended Retail Industry

What is Unattended Retail ?

Disruptive innovations are changing the old familiar vending industry, and giving birth to a new one. Unattended Retail (aka, Automated Retail) utilizes technically sophisticated machines and interactive smart systems (often featuring artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital payment systems). The intelligent machines visually draw consumers to them via a combination of graphical design, sound, colorful lighting and video displays. Food products are especially suited to unattended retail delivery, however there are a growing number of non-food kiosks as well (cosmetics, electronics, etc.).

Why do I need MnM Ventures ?

Your company's skilled team has designed, developed, engineered, manufactured, and marketed your state-of-the-art automated retail system.  Now you need a strategic relationship with a company skilled in promoting your brand and providing you with operational management services that will ensure your investors realize their dream.  MnM Ventures has the experience and track record to help you reach your goals.

Let our team help put the pieces together

MnM Ventures LLC services the Unattended Retail Industry

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